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Merk FX Program

Merk's Quant FX Program aims to generate sustainable investment returns through on-going quantitative research on fundamental macroeconomic trends, technical analysis, pattern recognition and market microstructure.

Merk Quant FX seeks to gain an investment edge from using statistical machine learning to identify market participant behavior and changes in market regimes.

Equipped with a continuous learning asset allocation system, and guided by its core principles, Merk Quant FX’s management believes attractive absolute returns can be generated on a repeatable basis.

The core principles of Merk’s investment philosophy:

    Diligently following a well-defined investment and risk management process.
    Realizing that any given analysis may be incomplete or inaccurate.
    Hard Work
    Putting in the time and dedication needed to arrive at actionable research.
    Engaging in thoughtful disagreement.

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